Powerful Platform

VMWare Server is free server virtualzation software.
You've heard of Ubuntu Desktop, but did you know their also and Ubuntu Server?
Our server hardware is provided by Dell.

Pacy World's choice of the VMWare, Dell, and Ubuntu server platform ensures maximum uptime and performance. Please read our satisfaction guarantee for more information.

A Dell Power Edge 1850 rack mount makes up the core of the Pacy World platform. It includes redundant power supplies, SCSI RAID, dual Intel Pentium Xeon processors clocked at 3GHz and 3 GB of DDR2 RAM. Running on top of this is Ubuntu Server 8.04 and VMWare Server, with another Ubuntu Server 8.04 as a guest operating system.

A dedicated T1 is fed through a Cisco 2600 series router and a Netgear FSM7352S Layer 3 managed ethernet switch. A m0n0wall is used to properly allocate bandwidth evenly so that a malicious client can not saturate the connection.

Systems are backed up nightly to an external hard drive, the equipment is protected by two APC 1500 VA UPS's. The Dell Power Edge 1850 rack server has redundant power supplies, and the room is properly cooled by central air conditioning.

Popular Open Source Software

Their are millions of open source applications, some great, and some not so great. Pacy World has evaluated, and pre-installed the most commonly used:

Pacy World subscribers can manage their services via Virtualmin, a product of the Webmin project. Webmin is a web based GUI environment for Linux. Pacy World subscribers also get unix shell access via SSH. The state of the art phpMyAdmin web console is pre-installed with every account to manage your MySQL server database(s).

Subscribers can use their choice of client when it comes to e-mal access. Pacy World allows POP3, Secure POP3, IMAP, Secure IMAP, SMTP, and Secure SMTP. Theirs also a web mail client available with every account. Additionaly, Pacy World supports the Message Submission standard, allowing you to still use SMTP when your ISP blocks port 25.

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